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Slate Silicone Kitchen Utensils

Slate Silicone Kitchen Utensils

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Flip Turners:
GIR’s original turners are intelligent by design. They’re thin but not flimsy. Sturdy but not clumsy. And made from the best silicone in the galaxy. Available in four versatile sizes (including a lefty version) for cooks big and small, they’ll flip silver dollar pancakes, porterhouse steaks, and everything in between.

Pasta Ladle:
Like our critically-acclaimed ladle, the GIR spaghetti spoon has a flexible front edge to squish into tight corners and grab every last noodle.
• Center drainage holes are small enough to prevent macaroni from slipping through, but big enough to drain quickly.
• Nine teeth are thoughtfully spaced for maximum scooping efficiency.
• Unibody design has no holes or seams, making it super hygienic and easy to clean; dishwasher safe
• 100% lifetime guarantee. Made to last forever in your kitchen.

 We’ve taken a fresh look at spoonula design to achieve a simple and extremely versatile profile. It combines the everyday utility of a spatula with the gently curved bowl of a spoon to make for one of our all-time favorite utensils. The edge is sharp for scraping and precise scooping, the bowl is extra deep, and the blade has the perfect amount of flexibility. This tool will make its way into the daily rotation of any kitchen.

Ultimate Ladle:
The ladle, perfected. A precision pouring edge that won’t spill a drop. A deep scoop with imperial and metric measurements embossed in easy-to-read text. A handle set at the ideal angle for ergonomic use. A flexible bowl that gets into the hard-to-reach corners of any pot. This ladle might just change your life.

Ultimate Spoon Series:
An obsession-worthy line of spoons that are more than the sum of their parts. The GIR Spoon Series features deep bowls for stirring and serving, graceful handles, and flexible edges. Our Perforated spoon is uniquely designed to strain without allowing food to slip through. The Mini punches above its weight, from saucepans to jam jars. And the Ultimate might just be the best spoon you’ve ever used.

The world’s best-reviewed spatulas, GIR’s patent pending tools sport an easy-to-clean, antimicrobial unibody design and come in over a dozen kitchen-friendly colors. As with all of our products, we’ve spent time perfecting each size to optimize flexibility and strength. These are the most awesome spatulas in the world, and they come with a lifetime guarantee to back it up.

Save your workout for outside the kitchen with the GIR Quad Chopper. This genius invention helps you easily break up large chunks of food without the arm and wrist strain. From ground turkey and pork to cooked vegetables for soups and sauces, the Quad Chopper gets you the finer consistency you want––all without melting or scratching your pans. Use it to cut butter into flour and sugar for the perfect scones. Forgot to thaw your ground beef? No problem! The Quad Chopper breaks apart frozen ground meat like child’s play. Its unique rounded bottom allows for a rocking action while chopping, but is still level enough to stand up by itself. With 2 hard fins and 2 semi-soft fins, this kitchen utensil acts as a masher, meat chopper, and scraper. Its seamless, unibody design makes cleanup easy-cheesy, and the ergonomic handle gives your hands a break. It’s the time-saving, wrist-saving cooking tool you’ll love using over and over again. What will you cook up?

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