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H.E.R.B. from Salt Sisters

H.E.R.B. from Salt Sisters

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s.a.l.t. sisters is a family-run, Indiana-based small business. They are committed to helping you create full flavored, healthy food in your own kitchen with all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO products. 

Herbes de Provence with Sea Salt:

This traditional French blend of sweet herbs and flowery lavender is a delightful way to flavor grilled foods such as fish and meat as well as vegetable stews and roast. Add this before or during cooking or mix with olive oil before adding to foods to help infuse the flavors into your favorite dishes.

Ingredients: Unrefined sea salt, spices and canola oil

Tuscan Farmhouse Blend:

This classic Italian seasoning with sea salt is the perfect addition to so many of your favorite dishes. The rich, sweet flavor of basil and oregano with the added zest of garlic and peppers is perfect for proteins as well as vegetables. Sprinkle it on anything but dessert or use it to make your own perfect pasta sauce.

Ingredients: Unrefined sea salt, spices and canola oil

Mojo Seasoning:

Our precise blend of lemon, lime, orange, garlic and freshly-ground pepper will certainly cast a tasty spell over your dishes, as the name "mojo" implies "magic". The Cuban culture, from where this seasoning derives, boasts flavor enhancement to pork roast. This versatile seasoning can be used to barbecue, grill, roast or to create a special mojo marinade when mixed with olive oil and citrus juices. A must-have for fish tacos!

Ingredients: Unrefined sea salt, garlic, lemon peel, orange peel, lime peel, lime juice, lemon juice & spices

Steakhouse Seasoning:

Steakhouse Seasoning is a robust blend of herbs and spices. This seasoning will bring full flavor to anything you use it on. You'll want to keep this next to your grill. The obvious use is on steaks, but don't be shy! Try this herb blend on vegetables, casseroles, pasta and more!

Ingredients: Unrefined sea salt, black mustard powder, garlic, thyme, orange peel, onion & fennel

S.a.l.t. S.i.s.t.e.r.s. Blend
The perfect blend of salt, pepper, garlic and onion.  This seasoning is simple, yet full of rich flavor and complements any dish you could imagine.  Nothing gets more "all-purpose" than this.For deeper flavor, substitute this for your everyday use of salt & pepper.

Ingredients:  Unrefined sea salt, garlic, onion, black pepper


In a Hurry Curry
Intoxicating, richly aromatic spices warm the soul and excite the taste buds. A complex yet balanced blend of unrefined sea salt and 15 select spices, out curry creates unmatched mouthwatering flavor. With little time and effort, you can build delicious depth and satisfy your curry cravings.

 Florida Citrus Sunrise Seasoning:

This blend is all about the citrus. A bright and refreshing zip of zingy perfection comes through immediately. With the flavors of lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit this seasoning is absolutely perfect for perking up any dish. Inevitably, it will transport your palate to a tropical, beach-side paradise.
Ingredients: unrefined sea salt, honey, lemon peel, orange peel, grapefruit, garlic, lime peel, lemon juice, onion, thyme, parsley, nutmeg

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