The Sweetest Gifts For Your Sweetheart

The Sweetest Gifts For Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have some of the sweetest products that will do nothing but make your loved one smile.
If you’ve given us a visit before, you may be familiar with Seacoast Sweets and Farm+Sea, some of our top products for loved ones here at Port Plums,
and even more fitting for your Valentine's Day shopping.

Seacoast Sweets

“I just fell in love with the brand and the aesthetic of the brand. We are just die-hard New Englanders and it has that beautiful coastal packaging. It’s such a humble product…”
-Danielle Anderson, co-owner of Seacoast Sweets
What makes Seacoast Sweets so special is the thought and care that go into their patties, including their all-natural and scrumptious ingredients (and not to mention the New England-inspired packaging). The company was founded on the basis of family tradition and “…giving somebody something to put a smile on their face,” says Danielle. It’s exactly why Danielle and her husband, Kevin, bought it back in 2018 when the company was up for sale. Originating from Newburyport, MA, the heart of the company had carried on in Rhode Island, where every single patty is continuously hand-made, hand-trimmed, and hand-wrapped either individually,
in an assortment of 4, or an assortment of 12.
Looking for some insight on which to get your loved one?
As a “die-hard peanut butter and chocolate girl,” Danielle’s favorite is of course the peanut butter patty. Although, as Danielle says, choosing a favorite is like asking her which is her favorite child.
So, honestly? You can’t go wrong with any of them!


“From the concept, to the brand, to all of the details that go into the product,
to then see it being used in someone’s home…that, for me, is the
most rewarding part.”
-Mary Swenson, co-owner of Farm+Sea
What could be more perfect than igniting a cozy and warming ambiance with your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Enter, Farm+Sea. This company roots from a genuine passion for enhancing people’s lives through meaningful and humble scents. As Mary and her husband, Rob, have always had creative and entrepreneurial mindsets, the two set out to recreate people’s homes. Farm+Sea crafts products such as candles (large, medium, or small), perfumes, lotions, and reed diffusers in a production studio in our neighboring town, Amesbury, MA.
After showcasing one of her first batches of candles she’s ever made at a maker’s market five years ago, “…it ended up taking off in ways that [she] never expected it would…” explains Mary. “With Rob working alongside me, we’ve got our thing.”
The Scents
A part of Farm+Sea’s main goal is to provide New England-inspired scents,
by incorporating the farms and sea around us and using just exactly what defines our home for inspiration. While the scents change seasonally, we’ve got a few for you and your loved one that might just be perfect for this time of year.
From Pear + Amber to Cozy Harbor, there’s an assortment to choose from
when deciding which will mean more for your loved one.
Interested in getting one just for yourself? (We don’t blame you.) 
There’s going to be some new ones on the horizon this year including a Sandalwood + Eucalyptus, according to Mary.
You may need to stick around for that one!
Now that you’ve got a sense of where to take your Valentine’s Day shopping,
feel free to stop by and see for yourself just how much your loved one will appreciate these special and authentic gifts.

Photos by Maggie Griffin
Special Thanks to Danielle and Mary for taking the time to talk to us!
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