The Port Plums Gift Guide: From Stocking Stuffers to Yankee Swap Gifts

The Port Plums Gift Guide: From Stocking Stuffers to Yankee Swap Gifts

It’s our favorite time of the year again and we’ve got some amazing original gift ideas for you to try out! We can bet that everyone’s going to be wishing you were filling their stockings this year. Or, got a Yankee Swap coming up? You’ll want the whole party knowing which gift was yours. From rollerball perfume to butter dishes, to even bowl cozies, we have plenty for you to choose from.

Stocking Stuffers

Farm + Sea Roller Ball Perfume
Blended right in our neighboring town, these Farm + Sea Roller Ball Perfumes is an incredible way to support not only a local artisan but also your perfume-obsessed family member! These perfumes are made with cosmetic-grade, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and skin-friendly coconut oil.

Price: $14.95
McCrea's Caramels
A staff and customer favorite, McCrea’s Caramels are one of the yummier goodies we sell here at Port Plums. Allow your family to delve into their richness, packaged in either a sleeve or pillow box.
Price: $4.95 (Pillow), $15.95 (Sleeve)
Mini Oils and Vinegars
If your family is big on cooking, you may want to introduce them to a few of our favorite oils and/or vinegars. They’re a great way for newcomers to give their favorite recipes a little boost!
Price: $4.95
Bowl Cozies
Our Bowl Cozies are the perfect addition to your family’s kitchen,
especially if you entertain frequently. With the various designs and patterns available, there’s bound to be one that’s just for you.
Sold exclusively in stores
Price: $12.95
Cookie Cutters & Sprinkles
Here at Port Plums, we absolutely love to bake. Therefore, we have what seems to be an endless supply of cookie cutters (rightfully so). Now, your cookies can fit just about any theme you can possibly think of. If you want to kick it up a notch, pair a cookie cutter with one of jars of sprinkles. They come in many different colors and themes, and can add an extra "twinkle" to any cookie!
Price: $2.95 (Cookie Cutters), $17.95 (Twinkle Sprinkle Medley Sprinkles)

Yankee Swap Gifts

Popcorn Bowl
If you haven’t seen or heard of our popcorn bowl…where have you been?! There has never been a more delicious and easier way to make popcorn. Our favorite way is to top the kernels with some Garlic Olive Oil and sprinkle on some of our Black Truffle Sea Salt, just before popping it in the microwave.
To up your gift game even more, consider throwing in our Garlic Olive Oil,
PopZup seasonings (a new favorite in the store), and popcorn kernels, as well.

PopZup Popcorn Seasoning sold exclusively in-store
Price: $22.95 (Popcorn bowl), $7.95 (PopZup), $4.95 (Kernels)
Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags
We have a variety of sizes and colors for these 100% pure platinum silicone, non-toxic & BPA free reusable bags. With their Pinch-loc™ seals and dishwasher/microwave safe feature, they offer nothing but convenience. You can even throw in a marker to top off the gift, as you can write on them!
Or better yet, throw some baked goods or candy inside.
Oil & Vinegar Pairing in Gift Box
Attending a Yankee Swap filled with people who love to cook, or are looking to start? A common gift our customers get from us is an oil and vinegar duo, packaged in our signature gift box.
We generally suggest getting an oil and vinegar that pair nicely together,
such as the Fig Dark Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic Olive Oil, or
the Beach Plum White Balsamic Vinegar and the Lemon Olive Oil.
The pairing options are endless, so feel free to reach out to us for suggestions!
Sold Exclusively in Store

Whale Butter Dishes
These are probably one of the more adorable products we sell and would complement just about anyone’s kitchen.
There couldn’t be a cuter way to store your butter.
Price: $19.95
Farm + Sea Candles
Made by the same company as the Roller Ball Perfumes, these soy-based candles leave no carcinogens in your home. We also have a plethora of scent options available, scents you didn’t know you needed! Be sure to come in and smell the new seasonal scents, such as Fir Tree, Snowflakes, and Sugar Plum!
Price: Large - $23.95, Medium - $15.95

There's never been a more perfect time to
stop by our store and 
pick up a holiday treat for your loved ones!
The options are endless here, and we can't wait for you to see for yourself.



Photos by Maggie Griffin

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